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Food Processing Machines

Glucose Biscuit Plant / Namkeen Plant / Potato Chips Line / Tomato Ketchup Plant

Glucose Biscuit Line

Biscuit manufacturing consists of four major processes: mixing, forming, baking and packing. Mixing is a crucial process where shifted flour is mixed with other ingredients and additives in right proportion to form dough of right consistency as per type of biscuit to be produced.

Biscuit Production involves following steps

Mixing – all ingredients are put together in the right proportion for dough formation. Mixing time plays important role in dough consistency and finally the texture of biscuits.

Forming – Forming dough into sheet, which then passes down to gauge rollers and sheet thickness is achieved for molding and biscuits of desired size & shape are formed.

Baking – pass these molded wet biscuit into baking oven. The biscuits are baked on temperatures between 160 – 1800C. Baking involves development of the biscuit structure and texture, the reduction in the moisture content, and the development of the colour.

Biscuit Making Process Flow 

Cooling – These baked biscuits are then passed on to cooling conveyors and cooled properly before packaging for better shelf life.

Packaging – These biscuit are then stacked and fed into packing machine for packing. Different types of packaging material are available for packing of biscuits like slug packs , pouch pack or family packs etc. Primary packs are put into secondary packaging like cartons to be transported to retailers.

Characteristics of Good Biscuits

1.Appearance – golden brown top crust

2.Texture – open, flaky, short, depending on the product

3.Mouthfeel – crispiness, smoothness, crunchiness

4.Flavor – Bland, mild

Potato Chips Line

A top-selling salty snack for 150 years, the humble potato chip manufacturing industry is thriving as it takes clever measures to improve efficiency and profitability. By Heat and Control.

State-of-the-art potato chip manufacturing consciously balances speed and efficiency with consumption of power, water and oil. Intelligent design, quality equipment, modern controls and monitoring systems are a recipe for success in competitive commercial food production.

Potato chip fryers need to precisely control temperature, product and oil flow for superior potato chips with uniform colour and consistent finished moisture content. Heat and Control’s range of potato chip fryers achieve this, also offering multi-zone oil flow for improved cooking control or to produce chips with different textures.

Tomato Ketchup Production Line

As a manufacturer of tomato sauce production line, it strictly produces according to the international standard production technology, and can produce high-quality ketchup. Ketchup packaging can be configured according to customer requirements. Our equipment is shipped to up to 190 countries. Always provide customers with fair prices and access to quality products. We can provide production lines with a daily capacity of 20 to 1,500 tons, and can be customized, including factory construction, equipment manufacturing, installation, commissioning and production.

The Tomato Ketchup Plant includes the original fruit lifting system, cleaning system, sorting system, crushing system, preheating enzyme inactivation system, beating system, vacuum concentration system, sterilization system, and aseptic big bag filling system.

Namkeen Production line

The namkeen food business is growing considerably. The huge demand for snacks shows a lot of scope in this line of business. Products like bhujia, chana-chur, and dal month are well known in India and overseas as well. Disposable income mixed with a fast-paced lifestyle have led to an extensive growth in this sector.

The namkeen you produce dictates the type of equipment you need. Some of the general ones that you would need are frying equipment, mixers, grinders, dough, and packaging equipment. If you’re planning a business on a larger scale then spray applicators for seasoning and batter applicators would be required. These applicators are used for accuracy and proper measurements, including consistency in the taste of the product.

Here is a list of the equipment needed:

  • Dough Kneader

  • Mixer

  • Food Processing Equipment

  • Batch fryer

  • Namkeen Extruder

  • Seasoning and Coating Applicators

  • Spray Machines

  • Product Handling

  • Packaging

  • Weighing

  • Inspection Equipment

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